Churches have been built on many locations. When a church is being built in the mountain area of Haiti, it is truly a challenge. All materials have to be transported over rocky roads and through rivers. A distance of 80 miles takes 5 to 6 hours of travel time. The cement blocks are made on the site. All water is carried by buckets from the nearest river that could be a mile from the construction.

To the right you can see a new school in the process of being built. We need your donations to help finish this school. We also need generators for electricity. Faith in Action has built homes for families in need. Some families have eight or more members living in 10' x 12' foot huts or shelters. At this time more homes are in the planning stages. As funds are provided, we will continue building churches, schools and homes.

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We are reaching out to the families of Haiti with the care that is needed. With limited medical facilities, it is almost impossible for any medical treatment to be available for them. Poverty is so great it keeps them from getting the proper care and medications. As the funds are provided, we are able to help them get the necessary care that is needed. (Transportation to doctors, clinics and by buying the necessary prescriptions). We offer help not only through medicine but also through prayer.

Currently we are promoting a hunger project called "HELP FEED A FAMILY". For only $5.00, you can feed a family - little is much when God is in it. The diet of the Haitian people consists mainly of sweet potatoes, cornmeal, beans and rice. Rice and beans are the equivalent of a steak dinner for you. For each $5.00 contribution you give, we are able to fill a sack with beans and rice for a family in need. Put your faith in action and help feed a Haitian family.

Help Feed a Family today. Donate for one food sack or as many as you wish.


- I'm Blessed Boy's Home-

After our first year in Haiti, we found a little boy, 5 years of age and only 24 pounds, living in a garbage dump. He was a very sick child that needed a lot of medical help! His first words spoken were "I AM BLESSED" and that was the beginning of the "I'm Blessed Boy's Home". Altogether, we had eight wonderful boys that we raised from an early age. Our eight are not boys any longer. Each of them are grown and finding their own places in the world.

We are very proud of
each of them.



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