CURRENT NEWS UPDATE..........October 2009

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters:

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus!
    I know this letter is long overdue and I'm sure you have questioned what is taking place with Faith in Action and where are Bill and Marlene? In this letter I will do my best to bring you up to date on what has taken place.
I'm not sure that all of you know the steps we have had to walk for the past two years. Some have been good but a lot have been some of the hardest we have ever taken.
The end of 2007 both Bill and I had colonoscopies. I was fine but Bill had a blockage. With a trip to Haiti planned for December of 07 we had to schedule Bill's surgery for January. Bill had the colon surgery and a mass was removed. Praise God it was not cancer. After being home only a week he developed an abscess and had to go back in the hospital to take care of this. Ten months following the surgery and abscess he was sick almost every day. It seemed that he just could not get well. During his recovery time I had to have vein surgery on my legs, and cancer removed from my nose. Not long after this procedure they found another spot on my head and they removed it also. The doctor was able to get it all and how grateful we are.

     On the 25th of January, 2009 I felt very strong that we needed to have the family over for lunch after church. It was very strong in my heart so I knew it was something we needed to do. It was a time of laughs and memories not knowing was ahead of us. On Monday we had a wonderful visit with a friend from South Carolina. That evening was when our journey would begin. During the night on the 26th Bill was awakened with severe pain in his stomach. It was very unusual for it never let up. Early morning on the 27th he said call 911 and the girls. Little did I know, at that point what would be ahead of us and the family.
     Bill was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with Pancreatitis. He was in our local hospital for 51 days. During that time we were not sure he was going to make it. There were times it was so close, but God had other plans. Thanks for all the prayers, phone calls, visits and cards, they mean so much.
     Time passed and we saw that Bill wasn't getting any better. He was on a TPN machine for feeding; he could not have anything by mouth for weeks. My heart was hurting so bad to see him like this but I held on with all the faith I had knowing that God was in control and He would see us through this. After a lot of prayer we decided to have Bill moved to Tampa General. He was put under the care of a Pancreas specialist. It wasn't long before we knew that Bill needed to have surgery. March 31st he had the surgery and it was touch and go for the first few days but Praise the Lord, God seen him through. He said that, He would never leave us nor forsake us". I held to that word. It says in Psalm 18:2, "The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer. My God, my strength in whom I will trust". If you would like to read Bill's story you can go to Our daughter, Sandra, has done a wonderful job of keeping the journal going.
     We are blessed to have 2 wonderful daughters. Cindy, the oldest, is now a single mom raising a 15 year old daughter with 2 older girls. Sandra and her husband Scott have 2 children and they pastor a local church in Auburndale, Higher Impact Ministries. Many of you remember our eight Haitian sons from the I'm Blessed boy's home. Here is a list of where they are and how God is using them today.
     Ellie - is now attending college in Tennessee. Doing well and is ministering and sharing his testimony wherever he can.
     Josue - is married to his lovely wife Erika. They are in West Palm Beach, FL studying to finish his Masters degree. Also ministering every chance he can.
     RoRo - is working at a college in Utah. He is also finishing college and is doing well.
     Gary - is working at an orphanage in Haiti. He seems to be so happy working with children.
     Duken - is in Tennessee and has just finished with his Masters degree. He is married to a lovely girl, Angie.
     Yasmille - is married and lives in Pennsylvania with his lovely wife Melanie. He is working and also going to college. They are expecting their first child in January.
     Ricot - and his dear wife Mandy have just returned to Haiti as full time missionaries. He finished college in Canada and in his heart wanted to go back to his country and build churches and share Jesus with his own people.
     Jean - is in Canada at Alberta Bible College. He has a couple of years left and then he wants to return back to Haiti to minister.
      We thank God for sending sponsors to help make these dreams for the boys come true. Both Bill and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. They are all serving God and touch people no matter where they may be. With God ALL things are possible.
     In June we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Now knowing if Bill would be able to attend but Praise the Lord he was. He is getting better each new day. Since his surgery and removing half of his pancreas he is now diabetic and on 4 insulin shots a day. He is managing very well. His strength is returning and God is with us all the way.
     Our plans are to make a trip to Haiti in February. Pray that we will be able to make the trip. We thank the Lord for all of our staff for running the mission and keeping God's work going. Please forgive us for not keeping in touch. We are trying to do more as God provides the strength. Thanks and appreciation for all that you have done for us. We cannot do it alone, we need you. More updates as soon as possible.

Love from the Heart,

Romans 8:28 "We know all things work together for good to those who love God"



My dearest Parents,

     Many thanks and appreciation to you for the countless things that you have done for us the eight boys, particularly me. I want to let you know that I'm grateful and blessed, and fortunate to have known you and be raised by you. I am who I am today because of you. I will boastfully say that wherever I go around the world. You taught me well & now, I can stand on my feet and go out and teach others.
You guys are my heroes; you gave it all for me to be where I am now. You taught me how to fish so I wouldn't have to depend on others to get things done all the time. I understand that if you would to look back on your time being in Haiti, you may feel that you didn't accomplish much because you don't have the massive compounds, vehicles, churches, etc. Compare to others missionaries who made that their focuses, but pleas let me say, you guys are the true missionaries in my book. Your goal was like Jesus, to build leaders, not buildings. I am sure that Jesus would not be able to point to how many acres of land, buildings, & vehicles he had but the world is packed with Christians now because he spent his time equipping and making leaders. Haiti has great reasons to dream and hope for the future because you spent your time wisely training your eight boys as Christian leaders. Don't forget that! I have not found, seen or heard of a success story like yours from any other missionaries. 100% of your children are pursuing God's call. You guys can testify to that! You did a good job.
     I have a fantastic wife today because you taught me who would be a Proverbs 31 woman - a woman who seeks God. I am happy! Our plans and goals are not so clear as we make preparation to go to Haiti, but one thing we are sure of is that we want to remain in the centre of God's will - to build and equip more leaders for Christ.
     I view you guys as the Abraham of our time who by faith and action let go of everything, went to a place, helped people unselfishly. I view you as the Moses of our time who chose to suffer affliction with the people of God (the poor) than to enjoy the pleasures of sin (materialism) for a season. I guarantee you that your reward will be more than the sand on the shore and the stars in the sky. I assure you this.
     Mandy and I want to say thank you for your great gifts of love. We had a great wedding because you put your effort and helped us in the moment when we were so stressed and couldn't think of anything. Thank you for the blessing you've prayed over us and thank you for giving yourself to God's services. We love you so very much and we look forward to see how God will use us to work together in the future while advancing His Kingdom here on earth. We love you very much and be strong in the Lord!

Joining God at Work,
Ricot & Mandy


Changing a Life Forever
The children have been able to attend school even though the country has been in much turmoil. Some weeks they could only attend a few days so the end of the school term has been extended. This will make for a very short summer break for the children and teachers. However, they love school so much, they would go all the time. We are thankful for all the dedicated teachers and workers that were willing to be there for these children who are so eager to learn.

A special thanks to the sponsors who have made this possible. You are making a difference in a life forever. Your child would say thank you very much for the opportunity to learn.

We still have some children that are needing sponsors for school.
If you would like to change a life, take time to sponsor a child.
Here are some children waiting for sponsorship.


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