Haiti Disaster Relief Faith In Action, Inc.
PO BOX 7173
Winter Haven, Fl 33883

Current Needs: click here for printable list

Funds: Right now funds is a big need to help the people rebuild.

Bags of Love: We will be making bags to send to the people when we can, we will make the bags and ship over to be handed out to the people:

Items needed for the bags of love: Gallon Zip Loc Bags, toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, soap, deodorant, anti bacteria soap, comb, Band-Aids

If you are not local and would still like to contribute, Bags of Love can be given to someone who needs them for a $5 donation per bag.

Medical Supplies:
First Aid supplies, Band Aids, Gauze, Bandages, Tape, Sutures, ACE
Water purification tablets
Neosporin, Alcohol swabs, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Tylenol
Betadine, Gloves, vitamins, thermometers, blood pressure cuffs,
Stethoscopes, iodine, acid reflux meds, Triple Antibiotic ointment
Cotton Balls, Benadryl, eye flush or eye wash

Any questions you can call Sandra Hall 863-412-7858
or email at fiaoffice@msn.com or tecolineman@verizon.net


We will have more drop off locations but as of now we have:
We will have a box at these places starting Tuesday Jan 19th.

Auburndale Chamber (across from the library) 9am-4pm
Auburndale Community Pharmacy. 9-5pm
Faith IN Action Thrift 1600 Dundee Rd Winter Haven Thurs-Sat, 9-3pm.


Our Mission Faith In Action (Bill and Marlene Burch) have been in Haiti for 29 years.
Bill and Marlene were in the states when the quake struck.
Please pray as we have not heard from our mission since the earthquake.



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