Bill & Marlene Burch

Faith in Action, Inc. is a nonprofit, nondenominational organization that provides missions to Haiti. Based out of Winter Haven, Florida, Bill and Marlene Burch have been missionaries to Haiti for over 20 years, bringing God's word to a needy people. They provide food for the hungry, education for children, medical help for the sick, building projects and evangelism.

If you have been asking how you can get involved in spreading God's love with others, please take time to browse our Haiti Missions website and learn more about the Haitian work that we are doing.

What will be their future?

You will find many different areas that you can help with. The needs of the Haiti are so many. Many Haitians are sick and many need food or housing. Classrooms are needed for school and Sunday schools. The churches are full and more are needed. How they love to worship God! We can only do what we can with what we have.

What will you do to help?
Whatever you decide, God will bless you.

Besides donations and sponsorships, we ask you to get involved by keeping us in your prayers daily. We can't do it alone. No ministry can be successful without faithful supporters that will stand with us in finances and prayer.

!!! ALERT !!!

A month ago a 7.1 Earthquake shook the island of Haiti, and it changed things in a split second. Faith IN Action's mission house is destroyed but we will rebuild. Our director, along with our staff is safe, one of our workers wife is in critical condition. Please keep them in your prayers. One of Bill and Marlene's sons Ricot went back to Haiti with his wife, after finishing his college, to be a missionary in his own country. Ricot is on the ground in Haiti and is helping distribute items for the mission. Bill and Marlene are in the states trying to help collect supplies and donations to help the people of Haiti and Faith IN Action. As of today FAith In Action along with the help of a lot of others have shipped over 70 boxes of food and medical along with over 800 bags of Love. If you would like to be a part of this effort, it is not to late, we need your help now more than ever before. Thanks again and God bless. Please help if you can. Please mail donations to:

Faith In Action Ministries
PO Box 7173
Winter Haven, FL 33883



Pictures of our mission after the earthquake that hit Haiti


Send a child to school.
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